"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers / I don't need to choose a side" -- Marilyn Manson, "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"

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This page is the gateway to all the web work I did for Air Warrior, WarBirds, Aces High and the squadron I ran in those games ... known as the "4Q."

This work spans over a decade. My time in Air Warrior began in the fall of 1987. Only 30 people were in the air at once, and usually for only 30 minutes (the MTBF for the host server and network). The game was played at 300 baud before the Internet was a big deal yet. At about 3 fps. It was painful, but too much fun. WarBirds raised the bar for graphics and physics and networking in the mid-90's.

Scenarios began in Air Warrior as very small events - 30 or 40 people. And eventually grew into the thousand-player opuses years later.

"Hate" was a theme in these games. Not in the conventional way, but in the gamers way. Flying against the same people, night after night, brought out this emotion. People flew to shoot each other down. Specific people. This brand of hatred made the game more fun because it added a visceral element - something the players felt well beyond what they felt in any other game. And that's why the players stayed and played for years, and years, and years.

 DiKta GonZo

DoK's rules for living (and killing) in the virtual skies

 The Love Ewe

The gift for the virtual pilot who has everything.

 "Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep"

(3Mb MP3 file)

 Miscellaneous Humor

Stuff I wrote and stuff I found.

"Murphy's Laws of Combat"

Applies to AW & WB so well its kind of scary.

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