It’s freakin’ July … already?

What. The. Hell.fast_dog1_1

I haven’t updated this site in so long it’s embarrassing. But life has a way of doing that, I guess. Or one’s “life situation”, as Tolle would put it. Yes, DoK is going all metaphysical. It took ’em several tries to kill ole Rasputin, so he must have been on to something worth knowing, eh?

So what’s been going on in GonZoville?

One of my start-ups, Dialed In, is still hanging in there. We have a lot of Fortune 100 users, but the investment environment sucks worse than the 2008 Lions (or worse than the Mangini-coached 2009 Browns will) so we’re struggling along, trying to get to break-even.

My other startup,, is about to launch a new site:, and then we’ll take the new technology I wrote for that (called “Morpheus”) and apply it to the site we launched last year: Hopefully the economy will cooperate a little too so the therapists will have the budget to list with us this summer.

My consulting business, Silicon Chisel, is generating just enough money to offset the effects of the recession on my primary businesses. Some of the work is boring and awful, but so are some of the clients. 😉


In April or May … I forget which … I moved from Glendale to Sherman Oaks. Mainly for financial reasons, I just couldn’t justify a 2-bedroom apartment anymore in the current economy. This is the smallest place I’ve lived in since around 1995. But it beats being homeless.

Right now I’m focused on keeping everything running and saving up for a new iMac or MacBookPro. Were it not for the need for a big screen for design work, I could just get a newer, faster, better MBP. But I really like having a desktop machine I can leave on all day if need be. Then again, the reviews say the new MBP’s are “5-Year Machines” … and the coolest running laptops around … so maybe I should stay with something portable and just get a medium-price 24″ monitor to hook it up to when I work at home. Oh, and the 7-hour internal battery on the new MBP’s is sweet too.

Anyway, if anyone reading this wants to barter web-development work for a new Mac, leave a comment at the end of this article (or head over to Silicon Chisel and use the contact form).


Hearts of Iron III is due out in August and I’m really looking forward to it. All new AI, division designer, and what looks like a much more complete gaming experience. That’s about as much of “computer gaming” as I allow myself – or am interested in – these days. Just a few hours here or there to forget about that thing called Reality. But HoI3 looks like it could devour whole weekends – or weeks – or months.


Football training camp starts soon and the Patriots look to be in good shape. They brought in veteran RB Fred Taylor, and veteran WR Joey Galloway. This makes Maroney, Moss, and Welker even more dangerous. And, of course, TFB (Tom Freakin’ Brady) is coming back – looking to make up for a number of things. The rookies look good – Chung has the makings of  a great safety, and Mayo is set to take up a leadership role amongst the LB’s.

The starting secondary is completely revamped except for Meriweather – Hobbs is gone, Rodney retired to broadcasting. I just hope (kind of) that Rodney can resist the temptation to drop kick Chris Collinsworth across the studio.

Josh McDaniels has taken his one-dimensional offensive set to Denver, where he’s the new head coach. Good luck, Broncos. Josh is a good guy, and a great QB’s coach, but no way he’s ready to be in charge of the whole deal. Especially of a team with such high expectations for the post-season.

Eric “Cart” Mangini (or “Benito” … or “Mangina”) somehow found himself a job after destroying the Jets. He’s in Cleveland now. Sadly, the Patriots don’t play the Browns this year.

Scott Pioli went to Kansas City and more or less took Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel with him. Given how weak that division is, they could take it this season with a 9-7 record. Either way, having to teams descendant from the Belichick/Kraft tree out on the West Coast to thump the Chargers is a good thing.

Once the NFL season gets going – or things ease off and I don’t need to work 7-days a week – I should be able to get back to semi-regular posts here.