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The Aces High™ Fighter Performance Comparison Site

One of the toughest things for a new player to get a handle of in Aces High is just what plane to use, and how that plane stacks up against the others. Some of the data is on the HiTech Creations site, some is floating around the BBS, some is on various player's sites. But it's not really compiled in a way that makes side-by-side-by-side comparisons easy, or easy to read. This site is an attempt to solve that problem.

This site is built using a custom PHP script which reads in the CSV (Excel) data that the contributing players have compiled of the various flight performance data. It then feeds the data for the four (4) planes that the visitor wants to examine to a Flash-based charting package. The result is a console-like display of all the important data; allowing the viewer to see how planes stack up against each other in many areas.


  • Select four planes from the left-hand column, hit "Submit" ... that's it.
  • If you pick more than four planes, it'll only show the first four (for some definition of "first").


  • Planes were tested in their "typical" Main Arena load-outs (i.e. La-7's had 3 cannon, P47's had 8 machine guns, etc.)

Direct Access:

    It is possible to specify a set of planes to be compared from the URL definition. The syntax is

    The names for the planes are the tags used internally by the system to normalize the namespace. These tags must be used. They are as follows:

      p51d p51b f6f5 f4u1 f4u1d f4u4 f4u1c fm2 f4f4 p47d11 p47d25 p47d40 p47n p40b p40e p38g p38j p38l 109e4 109f4 109g14 109g2 109g6 109k4 110c4b 110g2 190a5 190a8 190d9 190f8 ta152h spit1 spit5 spit16 spit9 spit8 spit14 mosq temp seaf2 typh hurri1 hurri2d hurri2c yak9u yak9t la5fn la7 c202 c205 a6m2 a6m5 ki61 ki84 n1k2j

    Note that there isn't much error checking done for this feature, so be real careful about how you form the URL when you pass it in. Here's a few examples:


  • DoKtor GonZo (Programming and Concept)
  • WideWing (Data Measurement and Collection)
  • Hammer (Data Measurement and Collection)
  • MOSQ (Data Measurement and Collection)
  • Tony Williams (WW2 Weapon Data)

  • If you'd like to contribute data, start the ball rolling here.

Support This Project:

    I'd like to buy a license for the charts package to unlock some features and also get rid of the default link-back. A donation would help me do that.