GonZoville Reloaded

After years of inactivity I’m resurrecting GonZoville. I’ve added a bunch of recent posts I never got around to publishing before and generally cleaned the whole place up: new theme, upgraded WordPress install, switched comments to use Disqus, added a cache system, and trimmed the number of plugins by half to speed up page rendering.

There’s a few things I still need to clean up with the older posts, but in general the new rollout hangs together. […]

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“Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others”


The latest in the “Fear and Loathing” series over on deviantArt. This design is a twist on Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” The Wall Street bull is seated atop his throne, while his porcine enforcers keep things in order. Holding up the podium are the poor down-trodden sheeple. Then add a nice dash of Steadman styled lettering to make ut complete. (I actually mix as many as 4 distressed style typefaces to get the final result.) […]

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2011 Pre-Holiday Movie Reviews


In order to escape the life-sucking monotony of constant work, I managed to break away for the late showing of a few movies. Sadly, most were so unmemorable as to not even warrant the time to review in full. So I’m going to just lump them together here.

IMMORTALS (2011) — ★★★½☆

They should have named this one “Immordulls.” It’s as if someone said: “Hey, lets make a bigger-budget version of ‘300’ – people will pay to see that.” Because that’s all this flick really is. […]

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Penna Piererra ~ 1980–2011 ~ R.I.P.


My best friend passed away last month.

Actually she was murdered.

She had moved to New York in the spring to work on her music career. On September 19 she got into an argument with the man she was living with, and he shot her twice. She died on the scene.

Penna and I met in 2007 and became instant best friends. Within a year we were referring to each other as “brother and sister.” That’s how close we were – the 20-year age difference also made it quite easy for me to see her as a little sister. […]

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Gloria. 1985.


The weather reports are saying Hurricane Irene is “the worst since Gloria”, back in 1985.

I was in Boston for Gloria. Actually in a small town in Eastern Mass., just outside of Concord. The town had a total of 4 traffic lights. Understand that in 1985 no one had cell-phones or smart-phones or broad-band. Dial-up Internet was all there was at best – at 1200 baud if you could afford a “good” modem. So if you lost power or your land-line telephone, you were cut off from the world. […]

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