Motown is Back!

This song by Cee-Lo Green is awesome. Not only does it express a sentiment that most people can connect with, but the Motown beat is amazingly well done. (Uh … just don’t play this with kids in the room …)

What also makes it funny to me is that a month ago a record producer told a friend of mine that the old-school sound “doesn’t work anymore” and he ended up mixing her song with the typical 900 layers of noise that gets (0ver-)produced these days. […]

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A Much-Needed Overhaul


My old GonZoville template was years old. I don’t think I’d touched it since like 2006. It was nice, but it was slow and well, old. So I’m starting to play around with some new themes. I’m looking for a clean black-on-white look. Something a little stark. Something that’s an homage to a writer – which is what Thompson was.

This one I’m trying today – the Structure Theme – isn’t too bad. But the typography messes up a bunch of plugins like Lifestream and even Categories (if I wanted to show post counts). […]

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It’s freakin’ July … already?

What. The. Hell.fast_dog1_1

I haven’t updated this site in so long it’s embarrassing. But life has a way of doing that, I guess. Or one’s “life situation”, as Tolle would put it. Yes, DoK is going all metaphysical. It took ’em several tries to kill ole Rasputin, so he must have been on to something worth knowing, eh?

So what’s been going on in GonZoville?

One of my start-ups, Dialed In, is still hanging in there. We have a lot of Fortune 100 users, but the investment environment sucks worse than the 2008 Lions (or worse than the Mangini-coached 2009 Browns will) so we’re struggling along, trying to get to break-even. […]

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