New Theme

WordPress 2.02 introduced a lot of new features, including “Widgets” – which make structuring the sidebar much easier. So I upgraded GonZoville to a new template to take advantage of this new technology, and also to get a cleaner look to the site. […]

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WordPress 2.0 Upgrade

WPWordPress 2.0 is out, so figured I may as well upgrade the site. They did a nice job updating the back-end. The cache kind of wigged out during the upgrade, spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why none of the new settings would take; otherwise the update was painless and all the plug-ins I’d been using seem to work. […]

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What. The. F*CK!?!?!

Gee-zuz. It happened again. There was an emergency all-hands meeting scheduled last night for this morning. It’s the kind of meeting I’ve been to too often doing start-ups.

“Guess what? We’re out of money. You get your next paycheck and that’s it, go file for unemployment.”

After only six months the station ran out of money. The investors they thought were locked in instead walked away and there was no choice but to fold the tents. 150 people and an entire television production facility all are done for. […]

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2005 – Goodbye to Another Sucky Year

fingerWell, it could have been worse, I guess. I accomplished what I wanted to this year, which wasn’t easy in the Bush Economy.

But for the planet and the country – gee-zuz. The Tsunami, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the monsoons, The War, W’s wonderful cabinet and the scandals, the Bird Flu … I imagine a lot of people will be glad when 2005 is over.

Not that there is any magic with the “New Year” – its purely arbitrary, afterall. But if people think things will get better in 2006, odds are they will. […]

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Theme Fixed

I noticed that the theme I was using was a bit broken on Internet Explorer – the right sidebar was shoved down. I threw everthing into a table now so it should work fine. CSS is nice, but when you absolutely want things in a grid, tables are hard to beat for cross-platform compatability. […]

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