“The Wave”

the-wave-150x125Someone posted a link to this video on Twitter recently. I saw it when it first came out back in the ’70’s. Powerful stuff.

The movie “The Wave” is based on a novel by Morton Rhue and is based on a true story that happend in 1967 at Gordon High School in Palo Alto. The teacher starts an experiment with his students trying to show them how the Nazi regime was able to invluence so many people and why no one stopped them. […]

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Dustin Hoffman – Inside the Actors Studio

Dustin HoffmanThis week the series “Inside the Actors Studio” had its 200th episode which featured two hours with Dustin Hoffman. This is a pretty good show, one of the better ones on TV, especially if you find the people who craft fine films interesting. Some guests aren’t that great, and some only appear to pitch their latest movie, but some guests are really worth seeing. Hoffman was such a case.

One of the first things that grabs your attention is that Hoffman is the youngest looking 69-year old you’ve ever seen. […]

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Mel Gibson – The Year of Living Stupidly

Mel Gibson MugshotFor starters, I think Mel Gibson has done some great movies. Not just as an actor, but as producer and director as well. “Braveheart” and “We Were Soldiers” come to mind.

But when he did “The Passion” and then he and his dad went on this anti-semitic rant about how the Holocaust was exagerated, well, I lost interest in ole Mel as an actor and as a human being. I’m old enough to have met people who had those tattoos that the Nazi’s put on people in the camps. […]

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DoK Saves Hollywood

pennteller.jpgOK. So I helped NBC and the TV industry last month with a critique of the Olympics coverage. Now Hollywood needs help.

During the Oscars (go Jon Stewart!) they made a lot of noise about getting people back into the movie theatres to see movies. Why? Because they make more money if we do than if we rent a DVD. Duh.

So lets start there. Movie Industry: Do you really think we’re so dumb that we don’t know why you’re saying this? […]

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