“Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride” (2006)

hunter thompsonThe Starz network put together a really nice biography on Hunter S. Thompson this year. It wasn’t as much of a bio as a memorial, a remembrance. All of the people he worked with and knew, all the celebrities and personalities who’s lives he touched getting together on film to remember Hunter.

Everyone from Gary Busey to George McGovern was there. Reflecting on Thompson, his life, and his work. Including Johnny Depp and Bill Murray, both of whom played Thompson in feature films. […]

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Flight Sim “Motivators”


Some folks on the Aces High BBS were goofing around with some despair.com style “motivators” for the game. Given what goes on in it, there is a lot to get sarcastic about. So I did a few as well. Funny thing is that they apply to just about any MMOG flight sim … some things never change. I’ve put the 16 best of these designs here.

If you’re looking at this stuff and it makes no sense to you, well, they’re all kind of “inside jokes” for an online game community that’s been around since 1987. […]

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T-Rex A’La Mode

Sheepless in Seattle … So many dweebs, so little time … How to stop worrying and love the warps …

What follows are my recollections from 15 years of involvement and/or association with Air Warrior. At least as best as my memory can recall such things. My serious activity in the game was from 1987 through 1992, so much of this will be unfamiliar to most AW readers. And odds are I’ll get some of the chronology wrong. But screw it. […]

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“The Tao of DoK”

Tao of DoKI’ve been playing online flight simulation games since 1987. Back in the Early Daze I guess I made an impression on folks with my way of “communicating” on the various message boards. (snicker)

Anyway, many years ago one of the players, “Centurion”, compiled many of these into an Acrobat file.


[ Download ] […]

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Mark “MkIX” Kaiser Passes Away

mmfMark Kaiser passed away during the night of Friday the 29th of November, 2003. For those familiar with the development of WarBirds, Mark was the art director at ICI. A heart attack is the suspected cause, but no precise determination has been made as of yet. Mark was in his early 40’s.

Mark and I first ran into each other in the early 90’s in Air Warrior. Later on when he went to ICI I was consulting there a little and we had another chance to talk briefly. […]

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