Dungeon Hunter 5 – iOS Version


They really should have named this one “Wallet Hunter 5” because Gameloft clearly invested more time into figuring out things to charge players for than in designing a game that you could play long enough to get lost in.

But lets start with the “good news.” DH5 is a really good looking game. At least Gameloft ensures that the quality is always there. The animations and scenics are top-notch on the iPad and the movements of the characters look surprisingly natural. […]

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Freemium Games And The Death Of Fun

greedy3 copy

There’s a general misconception that game developers are like the rock stars of the technology sector. You get to work on cool, fun things that look awesome. If you write a great game, you can become almost a cult hero. And you can make lots of money.

The truth is that many game companies aren’t very good places to work. Electronic Arts, one of the biggest producers of computer and console games, is well known to be only a couple steps up from working on the Burma Railway. […]

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Ancient “Regressors” Exposed


Those of us who flew Air Warrior back “in the day” remember the “Aggressors” all too well. Hardy lads with wool in their teeth and a song in their hearts who would gladly take off from a field under heavy attack. Over and over … and over … and over … and … over.

Darwinism may have (mercifully) passed these amiable sheep-lovers by, but in my vast wanderings upon the Internet I unearthed a photograph of a rare exhibit of fossilized remains of the earliest known practicing of the “Regressor Mating Ritual.”

Shocking, isn’t it!? […]

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Air Warrior Pilot Reunion

The event starts today out in Indianapolis. My guess is a few hundred former players and developers will be there – including the guys from Kesmai, Blue Baron, and Robert “Mouse” Shaw (author of The Bible: “Fighter Combat”).

Kind of hard to believe that the journey of Air Warrior started almost a quarter of a century ago and this group is still in contact through all that has happened over those years. I wish I could make it, but circumstances don’t allow it this year. […]

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