It’s freakin’ July … already?

What. The. Hell.fast_dog1_1

I haven’t updated this site in so long it’s embarrassing. But life has a way of doing that, I guess. Or one’s “life situation”, as Tolle would put it. Yes, DoK is going all metaphysical. It took ’em several tries to kill ole Rasputin, so he must have been on to something worth knowing, eh?

So what’s been going on in GonZoville?

One of my start-ups, Dialed In, is still hanging in there. We have a lot of Fortune 100 users, but the investment environment sucks worse than the 2008 Lions (or worse than the Mangini-coached 2009 Browns will) so we’re struggling along, trying to get to break-even. […]

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Aces High Fighter Comparison Site

One of the complexities of a game like Aces High is knowing what plane to use. Spitfire, Me109, Mustang, Corsair, Zero, or Yak? There is all kinds of data floating around the ‘Net to help, but it was never brought together into one place.

I recently happened across a neat PHP/XML-driven Flash charting package which looked like it could display all this information in a concise manner. So I whipped up a site to allow players to compare up to 4 prop-driven fighters in Aces High. […]

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E3 – Cleavage Too Distracting

E3 Booth BabesWell this little nugget of news raised the bar on narrow-mindedness – fining companies for having booth-babes who are dressed too scantily. They already don’t allow anyone under 18 into E3, so you have an adult audience. Who are they trying to protect from what? And what’s the big deal with showing a little skin? This is LA. Hollyweird.

Other articles claim this is an issue of “respecting women.” Meaning they want more women to buy video games. Hey, how about rather than make the booth babes cover up, they have a few booth dudes for the women to gush over and have pictures taken with? […]

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If you play online games you know the term. And you know the kind of behavior you run into. This site is a hilarious Flash movie which so accurately depicts it. (Rated R for language and violence.)



YouTube Preview Image



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A new target for my ire

There was recent flare up on the Aces High BBS and someone was foolhardy enough to provoke me. Berating people in words is usually enough, but some folks are so obtuse and absurd in their positions that they deserve the extra attention. So out comes Photoshop and the parodies:

(If you don’t play a game like Aces High, these will make next to no sense whatsoever … well, some of it will, some things like closed-mindedness are kind of universal.) […]

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