Belichick On The Stand

With this Hernandez thing spinning out of control, imagine if Coach Belichick were called to the stand …

Lawyer: Mr. Belichick …
Bill Belichick: That’s “Coach Belichick”
L: Alright, Coach Belichick …
BB: Or just “Coach”. Or “Sir”.
L: Moving on, Coach Belichick, do you consider the defendant to be a good team mate?
BB: I only concern myself with players who are on the roster.
L: When he was on the roster, did you consider the defendant to be a good team mate?

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UC Davis

Darth Piker

The recent pepper-spray attack on UC Davis students got me motivated to break out my trusty Photoshop again and render Officer Pike more true to his inner self. […]

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Fun With Belichick

Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, is notorious for his dry, fact-filled, yet information-less press conferences. I got to thinking today, what would “BB” sound like if he was answering the kinds of questions that, say, a political candidate might get.


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A Salute (of sorts) to the Bruins-Canucks Series


Yup. The Bruins finally won the Stanley Cup again.

I remember the 1970 and 1972 series. Orr, Esposito, Cheevers, “Pie” McKenzie, Bucyk, Sanderson, Hodge. Great team. Great memories.

This was a tougher road for a younger team. Tim Thomas in goal was just astounding. I’ve watched some of the greatest goalies over the years, but what he did was amazing.

What brought on this bout of Photoshoppery wasn’t just the dirty play of the Vancouver Canucks, but more so the moronic rioting and looting perpetrated by their fans after they lost Game 7. […]

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Chilly Did What?!


Things were pretty weird after the Patriots-Vikings game last week. Yes … only a week ago. Since then Moss misbehaved his way out of Minnesota and Brad Childress demonstrated a grasp of command usually only seen in squirrels trying to get across a busy highway.

How Moss will fare on his latest team – the Titans – remains to be seen. It may be interesting to see if he lasts longer working for Jeff Fisher than Chilly is able to last as head coach of the Vikings. […]

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