Protest Signs for Stewart/Colbert Rallies


Fans of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are hard at work coming up with ideas for protest signs. Some of the best I saw in the article for the Stewart rally are:

  • “I Support Reasonable Conclusions Based On Supported Facts”
  • “If You Can Read This, You’re Obviously Not Home-Schooled”
  • “Protest Signs Are An Ineffectual Means Of Communicating My Nuanced Views On A Variety Of Issues That Cannot Be Reduced To A Simple Pithy Slogan”

And for the Colbert rally:

  • “Affordable Health Care Is Exactly The Same Thing As Stalinism”
  • “Down With This Sort of Thing”

Inspiring work!

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A Little Football Satire (from the arkives)


Since it’s kind of a slow time for football fans, here’s some stuff from the archives I’ve pulled out.

The first is a parody of Colts’ GM Bill Polian and his amazing knack for getting the league to change the rules to benefit his team. See if you can spot the Minuteman on the cliff, getting ready to snipe him.

The second is a shot at Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo who, after botching the hold on a field goal a few years ago, still was sent to the Pro Bowl a few weeks later. […]

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Fun With Signs In Boston


Boston is a smart city. Everyone has an opinion about everything. The accent sometimes makes us sound uneducated, but don’t let that fool you. I was cruising the web this weekend and happened upon some fine examples of the kind of subtle, yet sledge-hammer-like, wit that we Bostonians are known for … in the form of creative use, misuse, or alteration of signs.



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