Penna Piererra ~ 1980–2011 ~ R.I.P.


My best friend passed away last month.

Actually she was murdered.

She had moved to New York in the spring to work on her music career. On September 19 she got into an argument with the man she was living with, and he shot her twice. She died on the scene.

Penna and I met in 2007 and became instant best friends. Within a year we were referring to each other as “brother and sister.” That’s how close we were – the 20-year age difference also made it quite easy for me to see her as a little sister. […]

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Gloria. 1985.


The weather reports are saying Hurricane Irene is “the worst since Gloria”, back in 1985.

I was in Boston for Gloria. Actually in a small town in Eastern Mass., just outside of Concord. The town had a total of 4 traffic lights. Understand that in 1985 no one had cell-phones or smart-phones or broad-band. Dial-up Internet was all there was at best – at 1200 baud if you could afford a “good” modem. So if you lost power or your land-line telephone, you were cut off from the world. […]

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It’s freakin’ July … already?

What. The. Hell.fast_dog1_1

I haven’t updated this site in so long it’s embarrassing. But life has a way of doing that, I guess. Or one’s “life situation”, as Tolle would put it. Yes, DoK is going all metaphysical. It took ’em several tries to kill ole Rasputin, so he must have been on to something worth knowing, eh?

So what’s been going on in GonZoville?

One of my start-ups, Dialed In, is still hanging in there. We have a lot of Fortune 100 users, but the investment environment sucks worse than the 2008 Lions (or worse than the Mangini-coached 2009 Browns will) so we’re struggling along, trying to get to break-even. […]

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Strange Days

Strange DaysPeople who don’t live in Los Angeles, or California for that matter, often ask me what it’s like out here. Well, there are times I wish I carried a camera around all the time, or had a camera phone. Because the stuff one sees in a week around this city is enough weirdness for a whole year just about anyplace else. And it’s not the overt whack-job channeling George Patton on the street corner. It’s more of a mellow, do-your-own-thing, weirdness. […]

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Love them Patriots

patsToday’s game against the Steelers was starting to look like last year’s debacle, and a return of the malaise that plagued the Patriots for so many years. Horrific penalties, bad bounces at the the worst time – often resulting in turnovers, and injuries. Harrison and Light both having to be carted out.

The offensive line seemed to crumble when Light went out. And the Steelers were completing big pass plays. As a long-time Pats fan I’d seen days like this before. […]

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