“If Ocuppy Fails, The Terrorists Win”


“Announcement: The oppression will continue until morale improves.”

If you recall those heady, sweat-soaked months after 9/11, when America couldn’t decide if it was a rabid pit-bull with a belly full of rage, or an overly abused Harbor Seal in need of round-the-clock maximum-security protection, the mantra was: “If you don’t travel, the terrorists win.”

“If you don’t watch football, the terrorists win.”

“If you don’t go out and spend money at the malls for Christmas, the terrorists win.”

And so, we did all those things. […]

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The Beat Goes On at OccupySF


So I was trying to get some work done on Wednesday afternoon and, foolishly, had my Twitter app running. What do I see? The SFPD is massing to take on OccupySF over the same battle ground as the night before: Justin Herman Plaza. Wonderful. (Note, everything I’m recounting here I watched unfold live via streaming media. I wasn’t at the event. But I didn’t need to be to be a witness.)

OSF was going to the park for their nightly “GA” (General Assembly) … you know, something guaranteed by that pesky First Amendment … and SFPD appeared to want none of it. […]

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Enemy Inside The Gates


“In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile-and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely.”
    ~~ Hunter S. Thompson, “The Great Shark Hunt” (1979) 

On Tuesday the 29th of November the Los Angeles Police Department swept in and overran the Occupy LA camp in front of city hall. There were between 1400 and 1800 officers involved, depending on the sources you go by. […]

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UC Davis

Darth Piker

The recent pepper-spray attack on UC Davis students got me motivated to break out my trusty Photoshop again and render Officer Pike more true to his inner self. […]

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OWS … Power To The People?


Here’s what I find amazing.

The OWS (“Occupy Wall Street”) folks were evicted in 40 cities today in coordinated pre-dawn raids. Reporters on the scene were either denied access or arrested – credentials be damned. News helicopters were not allowed overhead. People were gassed and beaten. Homeland Security and the FBI were involved in coordinating these raids on unarmed US citizens engaged in peaceful protest.

And what’s on the front of CNN’s home page? PSU and Coach K.

Are you freakin’ shitting me? […]

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