“Horrible Bosses 2” (2014)



It’s rare that a sequel lives up to the original, but “Horrible Bosses 2” is an exception to the rule. Writer/director Sean Anders (“Hot Tub Time Machine”, “We’re The Millers”) brings back the original cast for another wild ride through Los Angeles. This time, the three buddies (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day) are trying to start their own business and run afoul of a crooked business magnate.

The three leads are just as inept as ever. Maybe even dumber than in the last movie, but still somehow charming. […]

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“Exodus: Gods and Kings” (2014)



On parchment, this should have been a good movie. Ridley Scott directing. Christian Bale, Ben Kingsley, and even John Turturro starring. Sadly, much like biting into a Matzoh, this movie is bland and flavorless.

For starters, Bale looks about as Jewish as Denis Leary. He’s supposed to be a “Hebrew” and this little bit of casting simply doesn’t work. Bale is a fine actor but in this epic he looks kind of confused and out of place. Kingsley’s performance is wooden. Turturro as King Seti does a decent job – but he looks and sounds more “Hewbrew” than Moses. […]

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“The Equalizer” (2014)



This is a remake of the classic 1980’s TV show starring Edward Woodward, but with Denzel Washington starring in the title role as “Robert McCall.” The locale has been moved to Boston which lends a different feel than a film shot in New York (where the original series was set).

Antoine Fuqua (“King Arthur”, “The Replacement Killers”) directs and as usual does a great job. The film has a great gritty look to it, all the characters ring true, and there are no lapses in the flow of the film. […]

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“Fury” (2014)


As a long-time military history buff I was really looking forward to this movie. I was expecting a cross between “A Band of Brothers” and the 1943 Humphrey Bogart classic “Sahara.”

I was to be disappointed.

The production values can’t be knocked. The equipment is authentic, down to the last operation Tiger I tank in existence. The uniforms, weapons, tactics, and general sense of chaos all ring true. So in that regard, they got the “Band of Brothers” part done right. […]

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“Dracula Untold” (2014)


This is a very different kind of vampire movie. It takes a more historical view of the legend of Vlad The Impaler. In this story, Vlad is a prince in Transylvania and the Turks have demanded more tribute – including giving up his son to become a Janissary in the Sultan’s Guard. Handing over his son is the last straw for Vlad, and he slices up the Turks sent to retrieve him – igniting a way.

Vlad’s only way to protect his people is to make a deal with the vampire up on the hill (OK … mountain). […]

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