America Needs Smart Assholes


Smart assholes started and founded this country. Paine, Revere, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton to name but a few.

They came from a variety of backgrounds – farmers, silversmiths, writers, diplomats, lawyers, and bankers.

And they were all smart … articulate … Assholes.

They didn’t take crap. Not even from the most powerful monarch of the most powerful nation of the day. They’d argue and debate and even finger-point. But at the end of the day, they channeled their Inner Asshole, came together against the common enemy, and worked for the betterment of what were then known as “The Colonies.”

The reason the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution still kick ass today is that they were both written by these same smart assholes. […]

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Social Media “News”


This started as a mini-screed over on Facebook and from there I just went with the flow …

Dear Social Media Aggregators,

Very few things you post “astound me”, “inspire me”, “make my jaw drop”, “blows my mind”, or renders me into even the state of slightest disbelief about “what happens next”. Or any of the other tired, over-used superlatives you heap on recycled crap in a failed effort to look like you’re contributing to society. So just post the link and shut the fuck up. […]

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Freemium Games And The Death Of Fun

greedy3 copy

There’s a general misconception that game developers are like the rock stars of the technology sector. You get to work on cool, fun things that look awesome. If you write a great game, you can become almost a cult hero. And you can make lots of money.

The truth is that many game companies aren’t very good places to work. Electronic Arts, one of the biggest producers of computer and console games, is well known to be only a couple steps up from working on the Burma Railway. […]

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“If Ocuppy Fails, The Terrorists Win”


“Announcement: The oppression will continue until morale improves.”

If you recall those heady, sweat-soaked months after 9/11, when America couldn’t decide if it was a rabid pit-bull with a belly full of rage, or an overly abused Harbor Seal in need of round-the-clock maximum-security protection, the mantra was: “If you don’t travel, the terrorists win.”

“If you don’t watch football, the terrorists win.”

“If you don’t go out and spend money at the malls for Christmas, the terrorists win.”

And so, we did all those things. […]

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Ditka At It Again

espn_corp_logo.gifFresh on the heels of comparing the New England Patriots to the Nazi army a couple of weeks ago, blow-hard Ditka decided to jump at the chance to trash the Patriots some more and said on his ESPN Radio show that he agreed with Ladainian Tomlinson that the Patriots behaved disrespectfully at the end of this weekends playoff game.

“That’s the Patriots,” Ditka said. “They get away with it.”

Now, lets have a little history lesson. Ditka is the Bears coach who let his players do the “Superbowl Shuffle” video. […]

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