DoK Saves Hollywood

pennteller.jpgOK. So I helped NBC and the TV industry last month with a critique of the Olympics coverage. Now Hollywood needs help.

During the Oscars (go Jon Stewart!) they made a lot of noise about getting people back into the movie theatres to see movies. Why? Because they make more money if we do than if we rent a DVD. Duh.

So lets start there. Movie Industry: Do you really think we’re so dumb that we don’t know why you’re saying this? […]

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For Love or Money

Why Valentine’s Day Sucks … and why it shouldn’t.

Valentines DayThe annual rite known as “Valentine’s Day” should be a happy one. Married couples should be able to step out of their dual-income, mortgage-paying blight and do something romantic and/or kinky on that day. People in relationships should be able to spend the day doing something to celebrate and strengthen their union … or at least try something new together. And for the mass of the populace who are alone, it should be an occasion to roll the dice once more and try to find “someone.”

But, thanks to the gaping maw of the beast called “marketing” Valentine’s Day is none of those things. […]

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The Wages Of Fear

Don’t Be Happy. Worry.

border_face_300.jpgThere was a time, not too long ago, when America was fearless. No more. Oh, we watch NASCAR and the NFL and think we kick major ass. But what’s on the screen between the games and the races?

Ads about worrying about your credit score.

Ads about refinancing to get out of credit card debt.

Ads for insurance for burial expenses.

Ads for medications which may prevent illnesses you don’t have.

Ads for life insurance for children. […]

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“The Fog”

You StinkYou’ve probably seen that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry has his car valet parked and then there’s a smell of body odor that no force in Heaven or Earth can get rid of. Today I experienced a milder version of that scenario.

I was at Trader Joes doing my grocery shopping this afternoon. I’m looking in one of the freezer cases for some frozen shrimp and then notice a smell. It’s BO … body odor. Bad. My first thought is that maybe it’s me … an obvious first reaction. […]

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