Whoops, They Did It Again


This was the year.

This was the year the Jets (or maybe Dolphins) would take back the AFC-East from the New England Patriots.

The Pats were rebuilding.

They had rookies at tight end. Moss was getting up there in years and you just needed to double-cover him to erase him from the game. Welker was coming off major knee surgery and couldn’t possibly be one-hundred percent. Brady looked less than sharp the season before.

They had the youngest defense in the league and couldn’t get off the field on third down, much less rush the passer.  […]

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Reflections on the Pats-Colts Game

The Patriots-Colts game yesterday was another classic match-up. But with a new, yet familiar, twist. Interceptions. Time was Belichick’s defense really got to Manning and he’d throw interceptions. The last few years the Pats were in “shoot-out” mode. Well, yesterday the Pats defense rose up (from a shockingly horrid fourth quarter performance) and won the game with an awesome looking interception by James Sanders. But that was the third INT for the game. It’s been a while since that happened.

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Chilly Did What?!


Things were pretty weird after the Patriots-Vikings game last week. Yes … only a week ago. Since then Moss misbehaved his way out of Minnesota and Brad Childress demonstrated a grasp of command usually only seen in squirrels trying to get across a busy highway.

How Moss will fare on his latest team – the Titans – remains to be seen. It may be interesting to see if he lasts longer working for Jeff Fisher than Chilly is able to last as head coach of the Vikings. […]

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Revenge and Redemption


Patriots return from the bye a changed team

Heading into the bye week there were a lot of questions still about the New England Patriots. The status of Randy Moss was just one of these. The growth of the defense was another.

And then … then Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft did what they always seem to do … the unexpected and unconventional. They traded Randy Moss – the jewel of the offense – to the Vikings. Then they brought back Deion Branch from the Seahawks. […]

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Sighted Fish, Squished Same


Patriots Enter The Bye Week On A High

Monday’s game was reminiscent of the “classic” Patriots road wins. Some how, some way, they did it. And not in the ways anyone could have predicted.

Who could predict that Rob Nincovich … a linebacker … would have two interceptions? Who could have predicted that Pat Chung would block two kicks and run back an interception for a touchdown? They won by 27 points and Brady only threw for 153 yards and Moss didn’t have a single catch – who could have predicted that? […]

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