A Rallye Blast From The Past

Rauno Aaltonen and Paddy Hopkirk are paying a visit to the twisting streets of Monte Carlo, where they celebrated their greatest victories at the Rallye Monte Carlo in 1963/64.

Different to the Sixties this time the duo drives a brand new MINI John Cooper Works Cabrio. The car and the tricky corners bring back lots of memories, go-kart feeling and driving excitement. You can see the rallye legends driving through Monte Carlo passing famous places such as Col de Braus, Col de Torini. […]

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Kevin Faulk put on IR

Of all the players the Patriots could not afford to lose, Kevin Faulk ranks right up there in the top 3 or 4. But he has an ACL injury and is gone for the season. How the team replaces the many roles he filled is yet to be seen. In the meanwhile, highlights of #33 in action:

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A Little Football Satire (from the arkives)


Since it’s kind of a slow time for football fans, here’s some stuff from the archives I’ve pulled out.

The first is a parody of Colts’ GM Bill Polian and his amazing knack for getting the league to change the rules to benefit his team. See if you can spot the Minuteman on the cliff, getting ready to snipe him.

The second is a shot at Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo who, after botching the hold on a field goal a few years ago, still was sent to the Pro Bowl a few weeks later. […]

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The 2010 Patriots “Axis of Evil” List


So in this down time of summer many NFL aficionados are putting forth their lists and rankings of how the teams fared so far in post season. I won’t do that. Well, not yet, anyway.

Instead, here’s the list of teams for Pats fans to root against this coming season. The teams to loathe, and the teams that stand in the Pats way of another trip to the Super Bowl. And why. Come on, no one carries a pointless grudge further or longer than a Bostonian. […]

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A Video Is Worth 1000 Words

Well, the Patriots porked the puppy on Sunday big time. So there’s not much left to do but forget about football until the draft. And hope that between now and then Grey Hoodie realizes he needs kick-ass coordinators, a beast of a RB to kill the clock, a TE who doesn’t have the ball bouncing off his chest, and a few LB’s capable of running through brick walls.

Oh, and “Geaux Saints!” If it can’t be the Pats winning it all this year, then the folks in N’Orleans certainly deserve a break. […]

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