Google Font API

Google added something new and slick recently – the ability to embed non-standard fonts in web pages as a web service called the Google Font API. It’s pretty easy to tweak a CSS file and your page headers to use this. I added the following to my headers on GonZoville:

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

and then changed the CSS for the various headers to include:

    font-family: 'IM Fell English', arial, serif;

and voila, I have nice old-world style text in my article and sidebar headers. […]

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Remember The MilkAs a freelance developer I usually have 3 or more projects going on at once. Plus requests from established clients to do touch ups. Plus other ventures. Plus all the other daily tasks that one has. For a long while I struggled with keeping it all together – managing the To-Do lists for so many activities. Different priorities, different timelines – finding a way to see it all is a problem too.

Outlook is overkill. The Palm is nice, but I type so much faster than Graffiti works. […]

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Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine

Some pretty weird doings up in Silicon Valley this week.

First, Sun buys StorageTek for $4B … yes, Billion. Sun, who once dominated the workstation space – crushing Apollo and DEC in the process – went and bought a tape storage company. In 2005. For four billion dollars. Say what!? For that kind of money they could have bought half a dozen very profitable software companies and had a multitude of options in terms of strategies. Instead they are going down the path that DEC went down twenty years prior. […]

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(Note: As of April, 2006 I have started using Performancing Metrics for my blog site(s). It’s a service, but it’s free, and pretty powerful. It doesn’t have quite the flexibility that TraceWatch does, but it’s also one less system I need to maintain.)

TraceWatchI run quite a number of sites and, up to now, I really wasn’t too concerned with the usage statistics. Partly because I didn’t like any of the scripts for tracking such information. They were either too much bother, didn’t give enough information, or weren’t flexible enough to cope with CMS-based sites like I have. […]

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Finally, a new cell phone

836I’ve had a Nokia 6160 phone since about 1997 – when I moved to Texas. And for even longer I’ve had AT&T Wireless service – back when they were CellularOne – and then more recently when ATT sold off to Cingular.

So finally my old phone starts to act up and it’s time to get something new and whizzy. But Cingular wants me to sign up for a 2 year contract – even though I’ve been a subscriber to the company they just bought for 8 years. […]

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