Fire Over Malta : The Movie

Here is the feature film for the recent Aces High scenario, “Fire Over Malta.” The event depicts the British operation to reinforce Malta in January of 1942. What’s assembled here is gun-camera footage captured to video and then arranged to tell the story of the missions that were flown during the event.

This movie was made with Microsoft Movie Maker with Pixelan’s filters and transitions. I also created custom film age and color correction filters (the internal Movie Maker filters can be extended via XML) to get a look closer to World War Two era combat photography. […]

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Rangoon ’42 Feature Movie

The best clips from the Rangoon ’42 Aces High event put together as a feature film. I tried to capture the feeling of the event in this. Great sound track too.

YouTube Preview Image

(Made with MS MovieMaker and set of add-on effects and transitions. Not as nice as what Adobe Premier would create, but still not bad.) […]

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