Jack Rabbit, The Movie

jackrabbit.jpgI just finished a little project for a friend; a very typical project for someone living 5 miles from Hollywood. My friend has been working on an Indy film and needed a web site. They had “something” put together which I souped up and cleaned up so that it still had a “rough” Indy look, but it was still crisp and professional. I also installed Exposé 4 to run all the image galleries.
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Things Stopped Sucking … Finally

lifesucksI haven’t been updating the blog of late as there has been a significant change in August. After almost 5 years of being functionally unemployed, after losing my house and my savings to this recession, I finally found a job. Not just “a job,” either. But something I’m enjoying that is in the entertainment/media sector. Which was where I wanted to end up when MkIX passed away and his start-up likewise expired.

Anyway, I am the entire web/IT department for a start-up TV station in LA. […]

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Clueless in Seattle

OK … so I’m sure the title of this article has been used before. Anyway …

This month I was interviewed for a job at a “major online retailer” in Seattle. Washington state wasn’t really on my radar, I must admit. I’m from Boston originally and spent the first 30 years of my life battling the elements there. Moving to a place even closer to the North Pole (albeit without the severe temperature drops) wasn’t necessarily what I wanted. But the recruiter made the company sound great and I desperately want to move away from Los Angeles. […]

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The Glo-Bull Economy

So the US economy is in the shitter.

Massive layoffs every month – though rarely to executives. Jobs being shipped overseas by the cartload. The market goes up, but that only means the rich are getting richer as no one else has money to buy the crap. Investrors are cringing in their bunkers because there might be another 9/11. And pretty much everyone with a job is cringing because they know if they lose it odds are they won’t get another. […]

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Quiting with avengeance

From the arkives, around 1994. I emailed this out to friends when I left a real crap-ass job


I gave notice at on Monday.

There’s a 50-foot high shit-tide that’s going to come sweeping through here in the next few months, and some will lose more than just their jobs. Some will have their spines ripped out, ground into a fine powder, and cast upon the winds. But I’ll be sitting high atop a distant shore. Laughing.

And the far off screams of over-educated swine gasping for air, as they get sucked down and under the soupy brown scumpuddle, will make the laughter all the more satisfying. […]

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