Dustin Hoffman – Inside the Actors Studio

Dustin HoffmanThis week the series “Inside the Actors Studio” had its 200th episode which featured two hours with Dustin Hoffman. This is a pretty good show, one of the better ones on TV, especially if you find the people who craft fine films interesting. Some guests aren’t that great, and some only appear to pitch their latest movie, but some guests are really worth seeing. Hoffman was such a case.

One of the first things that grabs your attention is that Hoffman is the youngest looking 69-year old you’ve ever seen. And youngest-behaving. Born in 1937, his voice and delivery and quickness shows no effects of age. It gives hope to us all.

His stories are great and an interesting contrast to the “struggles” that current celebrities talk about going through – regardless of race or gender.

Hoffman’s passion for acting is apparent. But he’s also humble about it. You get the impression that he doesn’t really think he’s that great, but at the same time he’s still sure of himself. Again, an interesting contrast to the way many of today’s stars carry on.

But something he said towards the end of the show was most interesting. He was talking about how the industry is so much into “success, success, success” these days, but there is so little attention to things that make you go “Wow, Ooo!” And he’s right. The Marketing Weasels have taken over and so many things are made because they’ll sell instead of because they’re any good. And if something won’t “make enough profit” it stands a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting backers. Because “success” is where it’s at these days.

Success ain’t art. Well, it can be … but that kind of creative spark is feared now days instead of revered. Because the Marketing Weasels aren’t Creatives. They want the world to work on their terms and, since they control so much of the way money flows, now days they can. And we as a culture are poorer for it. In more ways that one.

Enough politics and social commentary. It was a great 200th episode and worth watching for any movie devotee.