I’ve been using NetFlix about a year or so now, I guess. For those who don’t know what it is, they let you rent DVD’s – 3 at a time – as many as you can watch – for about $20/month. Usually they arrive within 48 hours of making a selection. You keep a queue on their system of movies you want to see. When you’re done watching, just shove it in the pre-paid envelope and send it back. No late fees.

Thanks to this, I’ve cut back my DirectTV to just basic cable. I don’t need to see the same movies 50 times in a month on HBO. I usually watch movies over the weekend and send them back on Monday, so I have 3 fresh movies to see by the following weekend.

It’s a great service. They keep adding new cool features – like the newest which is basically a buddy list so you can share recommendations with friends. If at the end of the month you look at your cable bill and wonder if you really got $90 worth of entertainment value, like you paid for, try NetFlix.