Get me outa heeya!

So I moved to Los Angeles a year and a half ago for business. Bad enough that that didn’t go well. Went horrible, in fact.

But the time has come for me to get the hell out of this city. The only positive things I can say about El Lay right now are that it’s less expensive than Silicon Valley, and you can walk to things like the post office and the grocery store. It’s a city instead of a suburb on steroids. But …

LA TrafficPeople here drive with permanent RCI (Rectal-Cranial Inversion). They merge into each other on the freeway. They’ll cut across 3 lanes to make an off-ramp. In my quiet little neighborhood in Glendale there’s at least an accident or two a month on my block alone because they drive on residential streets like they’re doing laps at Taledega.

Freeway shootings. Geezuz. It’s no wonder why, either, with this traffic. Six lanes will come to a stop for no reason at all. No accident, no construction – just “because.” Oddly enough, the locals seem to get more worked up over an impending rain storm than having cars shot at.

The neighbors. I guess I got spoiled living in the Bay Area with having a little space around me and having people who seemed to respect the rights of others. The people in the next building seem to all be half deaf since they blast their TV’s at full volume. The guy in the apartment below me likes to practice guitar – starting at 8 in the morning. Fortunately he’s pretty good.

This city’s moral compass is also twisted. On one hand there’s a “do what feels right” attitude which seems to excuse the most excessive behavior. On the other, they get up tight about things which other cities (outside of Texas, anyway) pretty much accept. For instance, strip clubs. A year ago they wanted to ban lap dancing. You’d expect that in the Bible Belt, but not in La-la-land.

And then there’s death. I’ve had more people that I know die – for one reason or another, in one case violently – since I’ve been in LA than at any other time in my life. Maybe it’s just coincidence. Maybe it’s a sign. Who knows.

But it’s Time To Go.