It’s Time


I just saw this item come across the wires: Boehner’s office cuts off C-SPAN cameras as GOP takes verbal beating.

Basically what happened is this: The Democrats were trying to get a vote on an extension on the payroll tax cut extension, which would extend the lower rates for another two months. The Republicans wanted no part of it, and walked out. And, when the Dem’s started to call them on it, Boehner had the C-SPAN feed cut.

This is wrong at so many levels I don’t know where to start.

OK, how about starting here: does Boehner think the voters want higher taxes? Does he think at all? No. Of course not. He’s engaged in his own little dipshit battle for the Good of the Party. So, basically, he’s giving everyone who voted for him the finger. Because no one – rich or poor – wants higher taxes. And a lot of people can’t handle any more than they’re already being taxed. His action makes it so abundantly obvious that Washington DC is completely out of touch with what’s going on. Or at least the Republicans are to the extreme.

And then to have the audacity to cut the C-SPAN feed. Hey, fucktard, congress’ approval rating is only 9%. Do you really think anything the C-SPAN feed shows will make it much worse? The voters put you shitbags in office and have a right to see what goes on. I would have said “we pay their salaries,” but that’s another bullshit lie. The banks, pharmaceuticals, oil companies, and defense contractors pay their salaries.

This is the same kind of arrogance that resulted in Marie Antoinette suggesting “Let them eat cake” as an alternative to peasant starvation – shortly before they chucked her snooty bag of bones on the ole guillotine.

So it’s time. Boil the tar. Sharpen the pitchforks. And start building guillotines. And I can guarantee that the C-SPAN feed won’t be cut when heads start to roll.