Ken LayChalk this up to one of those “things that make you go ‘Hmmm'”. Ken Lay, the man who led Enron to screw over many, many, many Americans in an orgy of corporate greed and deceit, quietly dropped dead in July at his home in Aspen. Just a few months before he was to be sentenced to probably (hopefully) spend the rest of his life in jail for his part in the Enron scam. There’s a bunch of things one can say, and surmise about this; a feast for conspiracy theorists, no doubt. But still, it was a curious turn of events and one does have to wonder if he’d have croaked like that if he hadn’t been found guilty. Anyway …

  • Lay was a freind of W’s. The Bush’s probably didn’t want him in jail, where he could be pumped (sic) for information on dealings with the White House. So a convenient CIA-esque quiet death … the kind of thing ole Ross Perot would go off about … comes into play. Not that far from believable.
  • A quiet death was too good for him. He should have come down with AIDS or that Flesh-Eating diseases … or at least Mad Cow. Make him suffer for what he did. He got rich screwing people over, he lived high on the hog at their expense, and when it came time to pay for his crimes he just slips into the here-after. Not exactly justice.
  • Another curious death in Aspen. Hunter S. Thompson a year and a half ago. And now this.

Oh … and what does RIPMF stand for?

Rot In Purgatory Muther Fugger.