McCain’s Palin-drome

Now, before I get rolling, let me say that I really used to like John McCain. He was on the Daily Show quite often and his interviews were always refreshing, honest, and up-beat. That was until Bush couldn’t run for another term and the GOP decided that McCain was their guy.

Since then, he’s become more and more Bush-esque – right down to the verbal incoherence. After watching McCain present himself eloquently and with charm for years he now looks confused, uncomfortable, and rehearsed.

I was kind of disappointed that a guy who looked like an answer to partisan politics a year ago was now looking as corrupt and inept as any other political (which is to say: a lot).

But then …

1. a word, line, verse, number, sentence, etc., reading the same backward as forward.

I cannot imagine what possessed him (literally) to select his running mate. Mind you, there are many very well-qualified women who would have been incredible choices. But what has Sarah Palin ever done that qualifies her to be one stroke (sic) away from being President?

Not one blessed thing. And she’s said and done plenty that make her grotesquely unqualified to be second in command of this nation.

So there must be something else going on here. Let’s crank up the Conspiracy Machine and see what pops out, shall we:

  1. The GOP never intended for  McCain to win – let Obama try to sort out the economy, then the Republicans can hold office from 2012 to 2020 and beyond. Selecting Palin is like putting two big torpedoes into the hull of McCain’s campaign. But let’s face it, McCain probably made plenty of enemies in his party along the way.
  2. Sarah Palin will have some kind of “emergency” shortly after winning office which make her unable to stay in office. At which point a Rove/Chaney selected alternative will magically be inserted into the White House. The way this administration abuses the Constitution, I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like this.
  3. McCain is falling on his sword to get the Republicans out of office – which was his plan all along. I can almost buy something like this – he went from completely anti-establishment to practically being a Bush lackey overnight. Maybe the plan was to fake it until it was too late and then pull a move like this so that Obama is sure to win.
  4. McCain has already had himself cloned so there’s no chance in Hell that Palin will ever be President.
  5. The GOP decided that in order to win this one they had to make it a popularity contest. Putting Palin in tips the women’s vote – maybe enough to skew the election. Last time it was “gay marriage” that handed them the win. They may figure that enough women will force their husbands to vote for McCain because otherwise he’s “not supporting women” and will be sleeping in the garage for four years. And she’ll be easy to control … or eliminate if she gets to be too much of a “maverick.”
  6. Palin is Dan Quayle’s illegitimate love child.

With the exception of #4 and #6, all these theories actually can hold water. I tend to lean towards #5 though. The Republicans believe in “victory at any cost” – and worry about how it affects the voters (you know, “We The People”) after they win. Well, not really. They really don’t worry about us at all – but it sounds better than what really goes on.

Now, before I get flooded with spam about how I must be an Obama supporter: no. No. Obama seems like a decent guy too, but I’m not convinced this country is ready for a non-white President. Or that he is ready to juggle the political baggage and issues that his race will lend to everything he does. Or, for that matter, that he has the experience to be President in the first place. So much is riding on him that it will be almost impossible for him to live up to expectations – especially with Republicans doing whatever they can to ensure his failure.

Which is also why I leaned towards Conspiracy Theory #5 – both sides are playing a popularity contest here. They’ll each tell us that they can’t do anything “for us” until they get into office – so winning the election has to come first. Which is, of course, technically correct. But it does appear our system has devolved to a point where the good of the Party outweighs the good of the People by such a wide margin that I suspect in 2012 the selection of nominees will be done in Reality TV Show format.

It. Could. Work!