OWS … Power To The People?


Here’s what I find amazing.

The OWS (“Occupy Wall Street”) folks were evicted in 40 cities today in coordinated pre-dawn raids. Reporters on the scene were either denied access or arrested – credentials be damned. News helicopters were not allowed overhead. People were gassed and beaten. Homeland Security and the FBI were involved in coordinating these raids on unarmed US citizens engaged in peaceful protest.

And what’s on the front of CNN’s home page? PSU and Coach K.

Are you freakin’ shitting me?

How is what happened today not news? Screw if some network or paper is left or right – this is a bigger story in a democracy than a pederastic football coach or college hoops.

And this happened right after Veterans Day weekend. So much for the freedom that our troops fought and died for over the last couple of centuries. What an insult. I am so completely disgusted. Not out of sympathy for one side or the other, I won’t even get into that argument right now, but that what happened today is tolerated at all. That it even took place. That it was so easy for The State to shut down and manipulate media coverage.

And not just main-stream media coverage. Despite what was going on in the twilight of last night, #ows was not a trending topic on Twitter. I happened to click on “Zuccotti Park” as I’d never heard of it before … and that’s when I saw what was going on. It’s not the headline story on Google News; though it is at this hour on Yahoo. What the fuck?

The media will send a whole tactical team of reporters to cover Sarah Palin’s bus tour, and report on it in nauseating depth. But when the government coordinates rousting people in 40 cities for peacefully protesting, that’s not worth their time. Nope … lets see what Rick Perry’s up to today instead. Disgraceful.

They dodged a bullet last night. All it would take is one officer or protestor to cross that thin line of fear – and someone ends up getting seriously hurt or worse. And then it escalates from there.

It happened before. Kent State. An Anti-War protest that ended up with four students dead and nine wounded.

If history does repeat itself, then get ready for some 60’s and 70’s style mayhem – because this is how things started back in the early 60’s too. It all started peaceful enough – didn’t stay that way.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And it appears that the people running the show either haven’t learned squat, or are too arrogant to think that somehow, this time it’ll be different.

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