5 Vegas Classic (Fifty-Five)


The body (5.5″ x 55 box-press)  was somewhat soft, but pliant. A nice looking cigar with an impressive looking wrapper and good overall construction.


The burn was even but responded well to touch-ups. This cigar produced a good volume of smoke and held over an inch of ash well – but the ash was crooked, not doubt a result of the uneven burn. The Classic didn’t have much of a kick – a slight tingle in the belly about half-way down but that was it.


A spicy start, but not too bad with a peppery bite in back of the throat.


The middle half settles down to a creamy/oaky flavor, but still with some peppery tastes. Pretty nice, but still felt a little harsher than I like.


The peppery note returns for the last third of the smoke – along with some bitterness.


I ran through five of these from a sampler and they were all about the same. Which is actually a good thing – no unpleasant surprises. This is a reliable smoke, but not really noteworthy. They can be bought online for about $3/stick so even if the last couple inches aren’t great this is still a decent value. For me, though, I prefer the Gold and “A” series from 5 Vegas more, so I won’t likely repeat with the Classic.