5 Vegas Series A (Fifty-Five)


The body (5.5″ x 55 box-press)  was somewhat soft, but pliant. A nice looking cigar with an impressive looking wrapper and good overall construction. The Maduro is almost picth-black with very few veins. Pretty much a perfect draw. I’ve gone though about 20 difference 5 Vegas cigars in the last couple of months and have yet to find a dud in the bunch of the “Fifty-Five” shape.


This cigar had a fairly even burn and responded well to touch-ups. This cigar produced a good volume of smoke and held over an inch of solid ash. The Series A had a nice little kick about half-way down the stick, but its not overpowering.


The cigar starts out with a toasty flavor, with a hint of spice and pepper. This gives way to a kind of bitter-sweet chocolate taste.


The main body of the smoke is dominated by leathery and nutty flavors. There was also a hint of what I can only describe as “nutmeg” – but that may be a misnomer, it’s just what popped into my head at the time. There is also a faint, almost citrus note. The smoke is very smooth at this point, though the volume does taper off a little

By the mid-point the Series A settles down to a nice creamy smoke with no bitterness and hardly any pepper. The dominant flavors are toasty and nutty, and this is where the mild kick sneaks up on you. Just very relaxing and flavorful.


The dark chocolate taste returned in the final third after ashing, this then settled back down to the smooth profile from the middle of the smoke. The flavor tends to taper off in the last inch-and-a-half – kind of a let down.


Between these and the “Gold” line it’s tough to pick a favorite since they’re both so different. But this is a great, flavorful, and relxing cigar. It’s not a powerhouse, but is kind of perfect for winding down at the end of the day. There’s enough flavor to keep you interested, but it doesn’t overpower you with pepper or spice either. Given the price these can be had for, they’re a great value and I plan to always have a few in the humidor.