Gurkha Class Regent Nepalese Warrior (Toro)


The body (6″ x 52 box-press)  was solid and well made. A nice looking cigar with an impressive looking wrapper and good overall construction. The shape and size is just about perfect actually – fits nicely in the hand and lips. That said, of the 5-pack of Nepalese Warriors I ordered from Cigars International, 2 were so tight as to be barely smokeable.


This cigar produced a good volume of smoke – thought not voluminous – and held over two inches of ash well. The burn was somewhat uneven, though, and there was some tunneling in the first half – and it burned fast, for a cigar this size it only took about 40 minutes to finish. This isn’t a cigar which knocks you on your tail with power – if I were to sum it up in a word, that would be: “relaxing.”


A leathery-peppery start, with a slight sweetness on the palate.


The middle is toasty with a kind of caramel flavor. There is still some spice, but the overall effect is more creamy. Around the middle of the cigar is when it’s effect kicks in and life just gets very mellow.


The pepper and spice picks up towards the end, but it is joined by a nutty flavor as well. So it’s a nice mixture. Things get bitter around the last inch-and-a-half and I found little desire to smoke this one down to the nub.


Of all the Gurkha’s I’ve tried so far, this is the only one I’d consider buying again. It’s a very relaxing and flavorful smoke – not “mild” but it doesn’t make your eyes water either. I have concerns about the construction, though, and a 40% failure rate due to being too tight is not acceptable for a premium brand.