Perdomo Reserve Champagne (Epicure)


The body (6.0″ x 54)  was somewhat soft and the wrapper felt a little brittle, even after a month in the humidor. Overall a nice looking cigar with an impressive looking wrapper, though.


I only ashed the cigar twice – I could have probably gotten away with only once, except I was outside and there was a breeze. This cigar produced a solid billow of smoke which lingered nicely. About mid-way in there was a nice kick, but overall a mild-flavored smoke. There was some tunneling and the burn wasn’t completely even, but nothing bad enough to affect the experience. Nice smooth draw.


The first inch or two has a little spice and is just slightly bitter for the first half inch, then it settles down.


The middle half is great – toasty and nutty flavored. Half-way down I started to feel this cigar in my stomach – it kind of sneaks up on you – and sat down to enjoy the rest.


The final couple of inches are a continuation of the middle – nice, creamy flavor. It didn’t get at all hot. As I was getting to the last inch it did start to get a little funky and then more or less went out on it’s own – kind of a mutually arrived at decision that there wasn’t much point in continuing.


I got these as part of a sampler from CI, so the price wasn’t too bad. It’s a pretty nice smoke, you can smoke it down to the last inch or so making it a good value. I plan to buy more when I see a special offer again.