“Bridesmaids” (2011)



This movie is not what it appears. And it’s also damn funny.

Despite the subject matter, this is definitely not a “romantic comedy.” There’s very little romance in this movie. Rather, it is about the value and enduring nature of friendship.

The film centers on Annie’s (Kristen Wiig … who also wrote the script) best friend,  getting married, and the impact this has on her already crumbling life. A failed business, an idiot boy-friend, two weird room-mates, and the looming spectre of being forced to move back in with her mother has Annie’s life on the edge, and this wedding pushes her over the edge.

The casting is really good here. Some of the characters are over-the-top, but they’re carried off in a believable way. It all seems possible, just exaggerated. The dialog is not what you expect from a female-focused comedy. It reminds me more of “The Sweetest Thing.” The women are pretty raw in their discussions of sex and life in general.

Men in “Bridesmaids” are not given all that much attention. They pretty much seem to exist to marry and support women, and otherwise stay out of the way. Which is interesting to see because usually movies either depict an opposite or at least more balanced viewpoint.

Even if you don’t like “chick flicks”, there are some scenes in Bridesmaids which are worth the price of admission. The “dress shop” scene is absolutely hilarious.

This movie seems to kind of be under radar, but of the things I’ve watched lately, it’s one of the best.