“Domino” (2005)

DominoEver since seeing “King Arthur” I liked Keira Knightley. She has a great look, a sexy voice, and she’s a tough chick who does her own stunts. She seems to have that same fearless energy as Angelina Jolie. So I was looking forward to Domino.

I was to be somwhat disappointed. For starters the whole movie is shot like a bad acid flashback. Weird color overlays, things cut together in weird order, strange juxtapositions. It is simply not a well made movie in terms of how it was shot. Not only is the style confusing, but it detracts from what should be the focus – the characters. There’s an odd detachment in this movie. You really can’t give a crap about any of them, and they don’t seem to give a crap either. Maybe this is supposed to be part of the atmosphere, I don’t know, but it made the whole thing kind of boring.

On the positive side, the action scenes are pretty good and plenty violent. Some of it seemed kind of pointless and hard to believe, but OK, it’s an action flick. It did somewhat detract from the believability of the whole thing, though.

The script isn’t bad and there are some whimsical moments, if you can call them that, when the actors were allowed to stretch a little. The Afghani driver they hired, and the way he painted their RV, is pretty colorful. It’s a great cast and everyone does a pretty good job. All the characters are believable (the Hollywood types, the Beverly Hills types, the bounty hunters, etc.) in both dialog and portrayal. No one is totally over the top like you often see in such movies.

Knightly is OK in this movie. She looks great and was well trained in how to handle weapons and the physical action. But again there’s a detachment that doesn’t make it very interesting to watch her – its more like she’s going through the motions. She played a more “dangerous” woman in King Arthur in terms of her presence on screen. Frankly, I though Pam Anderson did a better job as a vixen-slash-bounty hunter in “Barb Wire.”

The flaws in this movie seem to fall pretty much with the director, who created the distracting style and dispationate air to the film. It’s a shame, with this cast and the premise it could have been another “Die Hard” or “Lethal Weapon.”