“King Arthur” (2004)

kiera knightly king arthurThis is one great movie. Especially if you like history-based movies. Better than “Gladiator.” A million times better than “Troy” (Brad Pitt as Hercules … puh-leaze)

Antoine Fuqua did an amazing job gathering a great cast of not-uber-well-known actors for this. They do a splendid job. The costumes, sets, and battle scenes are incredible and feel very realistic. It’s heroic without being comic.

The story itself is a very interesting interpretation of the King Arthur legend. Basically that those characters sitting at the Round Table were conscripts from what is now Russia. The best horsemen in the world, brought into servitude into the Roman Legions, and manning the outpost in England. When the Romans pull out to defend the home empire, then these heroes have tough decisions to make about freedom, loyalty, life, and death.

As good as the battles and visuals are, the characters themselves are great. You actually enjoy watching these people – even though they aren’t “big names.” Each warrior has his own battle style and weapon specialties. And the female lead (Keira Knightley) is just awesome. She does most of her own stunts and bow work.

It’s a pretty gory movie at times, but you come away really impressed. If you play computer games at all, you’ll want to run to your game shelf and drag out your “Age of Empires” when you’re done watching.