“Odd Thomas” (2013)



“Odd Thomas” is one of those under-the-radar movies that’s worth finding. It’s a combination horror movie and love story based on a story by Dean R. Koontz. It’s actually a pretty simple storyline, but it’s so well done that you don’t really see the plot twists coming.

Our hero is played by the actor who played “Chekov” in the latest “Star Trek” movie. His character is just your average Joe in a small town who just happens to be able to see these demons which feed on death called “Bodachs”. When he sees more and more of these appearing in town he knows that something wicked this way comes.

Helping him out is his super-cute girlfriend “Stormy”. It’s the relationship between Odd and Stormy is what really makes the movie. They have great chemistry and the writing supports the performances admirably. Willem Dafoe is the only big name in the entire movie and he plays the sheriff trying to keep a things under control.

The special effects are very well done, but not over-powering. The Bodachs move and interact with the world around them in a very believable way. By keeping these effects under control it lends a real air of believability to events as they unfold. This is actually saying a lot given that it was written and directed by Stephen Sommers who also did the “GI Joe” movie and the “Mummy”/”Scorpion King” flicks – all of which tended to overindulge in special effects.

The love story aspect is woven through the film. Because the chemistry between the two leads is so good it makes the ending quite poignant. It’s not one of those sappy teen-angst kind of love stories either. The banter between the two is more like Nick and Nora Charles so it’s fun to watch. Without giving anything away, let me say the ending isn’t typical and not what you’ll expect.

This movie is now on Netflix and it’s worth checking out.