Falling Skies


One if by land. Two if by sea. Three if by Alien Mothership.

So I watched the premiere of “Falling Skies” and it’s not bad.


It takes place in Boston and the outlying suburbs and not one character has anything even resembling a Boston accent. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have heard one of the cast say something like: “Them aliens is wicked retahded.” And how can they play the “revolution started here” card and not have the right Yankee inflection.

They’re all toting AK-47’s and M-16’s instead of shotguns and hunting rifles – which is wrong for the ‘burbs. Once you get out around 495, at least a third of the homes have at least a .22 “plinking” rifle or pistol for pest control. And through the first two episodes there’s no use of home-made explosives. No Molotov Cocktails. Nothing. Come on. Ever heard of “Yankee Ingenuity”? At the very least someone would have thought to throw a bear trap out to slow down an alien creature with eight legs.

Their grasp of local geography is a joke, scavenging for food in towns not even close to the line of retreat. I think someone in the script department just looked at a map and picked town names that sounded good.

I lived in the town that Episode 2 took place in – Acton – and that ain’t it. (Because it was shot in Toronto. Boooo.) The “armory” is actually a town over, in Concord. Acton is way too small a town for a National Guard armory – the town has about 5 traffic lights total.

Oh … and while we’re at it … how is it these “advanced aliens” can spot the heat signature of a half dozen road flares miles away, but somehow miss seeing 300 people walking down the street on their way out of town a few blocks away?

Anyway … it’s well made enough, and the acting and script are OK … but it’s wildly inaccurate and more than a little far-fetched.

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