The Colbert Report

Colbert ReportThe Daily Show on Comedy Central is one of my favorites. It’s probably the best thing on TV. The Colbert Report (pronounced “coal-bear reh-pore”), with Stephen Colbert, is a spin-off of the Daily Show.

For the first week or two it was clear they were still finding their way. Colbert’s delivery wasn’t perfect and his persona wasn’t completely defined. But now, after a few months, the show is a kick in the ‘nads to both the administration and “the media.”

Probably best part is “The Word” in which Colbert takes a word and builds a monologue about it in the style of Bill O’Rielly. But with a big difference. The “bullet points” which punctuate the speach are what we’re all thinking. Its so purely sarcastic and dark. For instance, in one “Word” Colbert was talking about using tax dollars to “rebuild the country.” The bullet-point to his right quickly printed out: “The Country of Iraq.” Priceless.

The persona Colbert adopts is a right-wing loyalist where anything that doesn’t agree with the President is anti-American. More or less exactly what our government is at the moment. But there’s just the right amount of satire in his delivery that it’s just brilliant.

It’s amazing how Comedy Central now has the most articulate political commentary and satire anywhere on American media.