Ditka At It Again

espn_corp_logo.gifFresh on the heels of comparing the New England Patriots to the Nazi army a couple of weeks ago, blow-hard Ditka decided to jump at the chance to trash the Patriots some more and said on his ESPN Radio show that he agreed with Ladainian Tomlinson that the Patriots behaved disrespectfully at the end of this weekends playoff game.

“That’s the Patriots,” Ditka said. “They get away with it.”

Now, lets have a little history lesson. Ditka is the Bears coach who let his players do the “Superbowl Shuffle” video. The poster-child for studio-produced smack-talk. As insulting and self-indulgent an exercise as the NFL ever saw.

He is also the same coach who, when safely ahead in the Superbowl against the Patriots, still decided to have William “The Refrigerator” Perry barrel in for a touch down to rub it in.

And this cretin has the nerve to lecture anyone on “class”?

ESPN is supposed to be a sports network, for fans of all sports, and they are letting themselves become partisan thanks to the likes of Ditka. ESPN is fast becoming a disgrace to sports reporting. Sure, you want your “personalities” to spark discussion and be controversial. But when these ex-jocks use ESPN air time to vent their personal grudges and flail at entire organizations they lower the bar for the entire network.

Trouble between the Patriots, and Belichick specifically, started back in the 2003 season with ESPN commentator Tom Jackson. And it’s been an ongoing theme since. ESPN always seems to pick against the Patriots and looks for negative things to say about the franchise, the way Belichick dresses, anything. It’s absurd and it’s an insult to professional sports journalists.

ESPN needs to wake up and realize that they aren’t the story. Ditka’s mouth or Jackson’s idiotic “Jacked Up” segment won’t add points to the scoreboard for any team. Chris Berman remains a class act on that network, but the rest of it is becoming as big a joke, and as big an insult to football fans, as this year’s Pro Bowl.