pharma fraudI saw an ad on TV last night for a “disease” known as “Restless Leg Syndrome.” RLS.

Apparently during periods of inactivity you feel like moving your legs. That’s a disease? That requires a “Restless Leg Foundation?” Are you shitting me? There’s a foundation for this? Like, people are getting paid to man the phone support lines in case your foot falls asleep?

Oh … look who sponsors these fine organizations to help the sufferers from this life-shattering ailment. Why it’s the big pharmaceutical companies. Our friends.

Hey, look. If your foot falls asleep, how about this: take a walk. Don’t sit on your ass all night watching American Idol. Walk around the block, ride a bike, do something. Hell, go down to the nearest Mall and window shop … at least you’d be moving around. Taking pills for this is idiotic.

And if that still doesn’t do it, here’s something that the medical profesion will never in a million years recommend: see a chiropractor. I can speak from personal experience that almost every medical “problem” I had from weak digestion to chronic head-colds have disappeared since I started seeing a chiropractor.

Partly because when your spine works then your immune system works, so your body can defend and repair itself. And partly because the spinal adjustments fixed pinched nerves which were causing the symptoms in the first place. Symptoms which The Medical Profession wanted to either cut me open to investigate, or get me hooked on pills to “cure.”

Becoming a doctor is a noble profession, and they do their best. But don’t confuse a doctor with the pharmaceutical companies. They will turn anything into a “disease” if it will sell pills. It’s shameless how many of these there are now.

So next time you see one of these ads and and start to wonder if you’ve got this “disease” ask yourself why they don’t have these problems which “afflict millions” in places like China and Japan? Then go see an acupuncturist, or chiropractor, or herbalist. Even seeing a psychic is better than taking more pills.