Vick to the Pats?

vick-235x300.jpgThere’s been a bunch of talk lately about Michael Vick coming to the Patriots. Some of it based on the uncanny ability for the franchise to apparently turn around “problem child” type players. Of course, a good organization starts from the top, so with Kraft and Belichick setting the tone – and with a team with a solid (recent) tradition of winning, it’s easier to get this done.

But what about Vick? He’s a physical talent for sure. Maybe he never had the supporting cast to bring out all he could be. Who knows? He’s sat out two years with his off-field issues and now he wants to play again.

I can see him as someone to close-out games when the Pats are up a bunch, but no way would I want him to orchestrate a come-back. He’s too reckless and probably too rusty to be counted on now to lead the team at a desperate time.

I can also see him becoming Gosti’s holder. Now you want to talk about adding to the pucker factor on extra points, have Vick taking the snap. He is quick enough to run it in by heading for a corner while everyone’s clogging the middle, and he’s a good enough passer to make a quick 6 or 7 yard throw to Faulk or Welker. In a tight game – and there will be some tight ones until the D comes together – an extra point here or there could be the difference.

In terms of what’d be best for Vick, I actually think a year or two in NE would be great for him. He’d be around great people, he’d be in a winning organization, he’d have a coach and owner who simply won’t tolerate off-field garbage or anything less than 200% on-field production, he wouldn’t be as much in the spotlight with Brady and Moss around, and he’d get to go to the SB (at least once). Then at age 30 or 31 he’d still have a few years to go off and be a starter.

All issues of having “paid his debt” aside, is the distraction of having Vick on the team worth the upside? That is of having a very talented athlete on the roster for a year or two for probably not much money?

I actually think it’s worth a shot … if Vick is going to be content with being Brady’s back-up for the next season or two. If he plans to come in and go back to his old form, then, no.