It’s freakin’ July … already?

What. The. Hell.fast_dog1_1

I haven’t updated this site in so long it’s embarrassing. But life has a way of doing that, I guess. Or one’s “life situation”, as Tolle would put it. Yes, DoK is going all metaphysical. It took ’em several tries to kill ole Rasputin, so he must have been on to something worth knowing, eh?

So what’s been going on in GonZoville?

One of my start-ups, Dialed In, is still hanging in there. We have a lot of Fortune 100 users, but the investment environment sucks worse than the 2008 Lions (or worse than the Mangini-coached 2009 Browns will) so we’re struggling along, trying to get to break-even. […]

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Russian Strategy for “Hearts of Iron II”

T34/85Hearts of Iron II is a grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive. It lets you play the leader of any of the Allied or Axis powers in World War II and decide the politics, the kind of army, and the way the war is fought for that power. Games can take days to complete – if you are into WW2 history and have a week or two you want to see vanish, this is your ticket.

Playing Russia is an interesting challenge. […]

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