“The Green Hornet” (2011)

Green Hornet movie trailer Seth Rogen


When I saw the trailer to this one I had high hopes. And then I started to see the reviews. Well, the reviews were right.

This isn’t a horrible film, but it’s not a good one either. Part of the problem is that The Hornet (Seth Rogen, who also co-wrote) is an anti-hero. That is, he’s the son of a billionaire who doesn’t give a crap about much beyond his next drink or piece of tail. This could have worked with a different actor – one with some ability to show introspection and personal growth. […]

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“The Company Men” (2010)



Given the way the economy has been the last ten years, it’s almost surprising there aren’t more movies like “The Company Men.” But maybe America doesn’t want to face what’s really going on. “Wall Street 2” is more face-paced and sexy, as opposed to … well … reality.

“The Company Men” is about what happens when a corporate decides one of it’s holdings isn’t all that useful anymore. More importantly, it’s about what happens to the people involved – on both ends of the spectrum. […]

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“The Tourist” (2010)

The Tourist


I give this film it’s rating based on style and the watchability of the main characters alone. It’s a beautifully made film, harking back to the classic James Bond kind of feeling from the 1960’s. Everything is bigger than life, all the hotels are amazing, and it’s set mainly in Venice. Jolie’s outfits are amazing and basically nothing was spared on production values. A solid supporting cast rounded it out.

The plot is pretty good and I didn’t really see the ending coming until the last fifteen minutes. […]

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“TRON Legacy” (2010)



The original “Tron” was a ground-breaking film. Doing things with digital video and exploring digital reality which, for the day, were mind-blowing.

The sequel is visually stunning, but not so much so as to be remarkable. We’ve all seen better CG animation and characters in a range of recent movies. The “game” sequences with the light bikes is well done but … like … who really cares? What was missing was the real sense of speed of riding one of those machines. […]

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“True Grit” (2010)



On paper, this should be an awesome movie. Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and the Coen Brothers putting together a remake of one of the classic John Wayne Westerns. The film is stunningly made. The dialog is consistent, and the voice coaching works well in that people speak in the movie kind of like you’d expect for the level of education back then. But it’s just … well … kind of dull.

The original “Rooster Cogburn” movies had a sense of humor to them. […]

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