Flight Sim “Motivators”


Some folks on the Aces High BBS were goofing around with some despair.com style “motivators” for the game. Given what goes on in it, there is a lot to get sarcastic about. So I did a few as well. Funny thing is that they apply to just about any MMOG flight sim … some things never change. I’ve put the 16 best of these designs here.

If you’re looking at this stuff and it makes no sense to you, well, they’re all kind of “inside jokes” for an online game community that’s been around since 1987. […]

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An Ackstar Is Born

AB-17 Blood Dragon

The Story of the “Blood Dragon” in WarBirds

Many people today refer to the B-17 in gunship mode as an “ack-star.” Which is more or less true – grinding around in circles spewing tracers isn’t all too challenging a feat. But the noble beast has roots, as the reader will soon find …

Welcome to the Machine

“Creative” use of the B-17 (or bombers in general) began back in Air Warrior. The two favorite ships were the F/A-26 “Blood Pig” and the “A/B-17 Blood Dragon.” The ‘Pig was used as follows – swoop in, pop acks, land at enemy field, taxi and park behind take-off spot at enemy field, kill people as they appear. […]

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Early History of the 4Q

4Q marble

bastard squad

“Memory is long. Time is infinite. Vengeance is final.”

“See it. Hate it. Hunt it. Kill it.”

First formed in Air Warrior in the Fall of 1987, the “4Q” is probably the oldest quasi-active squadron in the online WW2 air combat player community. While most of the roster have gone on to other things (like real lives), many are still active and pop up in all kinds of places in online gaming. A few still fly in Air Warrior and WarBirds. […]

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