(Note: As of April, 2006 I have started using Performancing Metrics for my blog site(s). It’s a service, but it’s free, and pretty powerful. It doesn’t have quite the flexibility that TraceWatch does, but it’s also one less system I need to maintain.)

TraceWatchI run quite a number of sites and, up to now, I really wasn’t too concerned with the usage statistics. Partly because I didn’t like any of the scripts for tracking such information. They were either too much bother, didn’t give enough information, or weren’t flexible enough to cope with CMS-based sites like I have. This week I found TraceWatch. A really nice script written by a guy who, I guess, is in Iran or from Iran – based on where he has his demo running, anyway.

This script is nice and fast, does path analysis, integrates by JavaScript or PHP, looks great, and provides a wonderful dashboard view of how your site(s) are doing by hour, day, and so on. I’m using it now on two sites. Well, five sites if you count that GonZoville is really an HTML site and 3 CMS instances. Regardless, TraceWatch is handling the diverse technology I have deployed just fine. I even was able to integrate it into a Flash image gallery on another site. Awesome.