What Fresh Hell Is This?

May, 2001.

OK … so everyone is blogging these days. Most of it is puerile drivel. So I figure why the hell not add my own bile to the incessant din. I have no idea how this will turn out, if anyone will read it, if anyone will like it, if I’ll get death threats.

A Grande Experiment, eh whot?

So who the hell am I? Well, I’m not Hunter S. Thompson. Who recently took his own life. But I love his writing and his style (well, except for the drugs and booze … which were never part of my scene). The man was about acceleration as well as speed. There is a difference.

I am originally from Boston and a “Child of the Sixties” – as such I am probably too old to still talk like such a radical. But growing up between Lexington and Concord I guess some of that Colonial Spirit rubbed off.

Anyway, “DoK GonZo” has been my online handle since around 1986. I adopted and have maintained this acerbic persona for 20 years now. I will lbe transcribing content from some of my other sites to this one over the coming months – some of these will help clarify the whole “DoK” persona.