Things Stopped Sucking … Finally

lifesucksI haven’t been updating the blog of late as there has been a significant change in August. After almost 5 years of being functionally unemployed, after losing my house and my savings to this recession, I finally found a job. Not just “a job,” either. But something I’m enjoying that is in the entertainment/media sector. Which was where I wanted to end up when MkIX passed away and his start-up likewise expired.

Anyway, I am the entire web/IT department for a start-up TV station in LA. The senior management come from places like E! and there’s already been some buzz on the station in the trades. The offices are right on Hollywood Blvd. – so my morning walk to the office from the parking lot is … interesting.

So now I have to deal with the financial fall-out of the last few years. And it looks like I will be filing some manner of legal action against a “friend” who embezzled money from me. Neither of these will be pretty.

I’ll post more about Hollyweird and the station in weeks to come, when I have more time.