Dungeon Hunter 5 – iOS Version


They really should have named this one “Wallet Hunter 5” because Gameloft clearly invested more time into figuring out things to charge players for than in designing a game that you could play long enough to get lost in.

But lets start with the “good news.” DH5 is a really good looking game. At least Gameloft ensures that the quality is always there. The animations and scenics are top-notch on the iPad and the movements of the characters look surprisingly natural. […]

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Field Marshall William Slim – “Defeat Into Victory”


Slim’s 550-page epic details his experiences leading British and Indian troops in Burma from 1942-1945. Whereas many memoirs by generals focus on themselves, Slim details the campaign overall in minute detail, rarely compliments himself, and lavishes praise on his troops. It is an incredible look into a complete military campaign. […]

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“Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015)


Holy Schnikes On The Barbie

This movie was one wild ride. Years have gone by and Max is still the lone Road Warrior. As the movie begins, he’s captured by the denizens of The Citadel – a weird, cultish enclave built around a water pumping station. And from there there it’s pretty much a constant flood of flames, car chases, and violence.

Tom Hardy is the new Max. He does a good job recapturing the fast, edgy movements that Gibson had in the original movies. […]

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Jimmy Doolittle – “I Could Never Be So Lucky Again”


I’m finally getting around to reading Gen. Jimmy Doolittle’s biography (of the “Doolittle’s Raiders” raid on Tokyo in 1942 fame). One of many books from World War II leaders on my “to read” list.

It’s a little slow at times because a lot of the book is post-Tokyo raid when he wasn’t flying much. But it’s really interesting to see how the US Air Force grew from “what are these here flying things?” to flying 2000-plane daylight bombing raids in under 30 years. […]

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“Kingsman: The Secret Service” (2015)



The first good movie of 2015. It’s a familiar premise: a secret society of undercover operatives, working for King and Country, taking on the worlds problems, with class and style. And then there’s the familiar “rough and tumble young recruit” angle. Yes, it’s been done before. But it’s been a long while since it’s been done with the level of class and style of “Kingsman.”

Let’s start with the cast. Colin Firth is impeccable as the lead agent who is training the new recruits. […]

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