Jimmy Doolittle – “I Could Never Be So Lucky Again”


I’m finally getting around to reading Gen. Jimmy Doolittle’s biography (of the “Doolittle’s Raiders” raid on Tokyo in 1942 fame). One of many books from World War II leaders on my “to read” list.

It’s a little slow at times because a lot of the book is post-Tokyo raid when he wasn’t flying much. But it’s really interesting to see how the US Air Force grew from “what are these here flying things?” to flying 2000-plane daylight bombing raids in under 30 years. […]

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“Kingsman: The Secret Service” (2015)



The first good movie of 2015. It’s a familiar premise: a secret society of undercover operatives, working for King and Country, taking on the worlds problems, with class and style. And then there’s the familiar “rough and tumble young recruit” angle. Yes, it’s been done before. But it’s been a long while since it’s been done with the level of class and style of “Kingsman.”

Let’s start with the cast. Colin Firth is impeccable as the lead agent who is training the new recruits. […]

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New Years Day Movie Reviews


So I spent New Years Eve drinking and watching movies. Here’s some quick-reviews of what I watched. Or at least what I can remember of what I watched. Or what I think I remember of what I watched.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

This is a visually impressive movie. It really looks great. Billy Connolly is in it as a leader of one of the armies and, for me, he steals the whole show. Christopher Lee also makes an appearance – the only member of the cast to actually have met Tolkein. […]

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“Interstellar” (2014)


What are you doing, Dave? Get back into the theatre, Dave.

Wow. After all the great ratings for this movie I actually expected this to be, you know, a good movie. How anyone who’s seen “2001: A Space Odyssey” can give this four stars or more is absolutely beyond me. But the critics for some reason raved about this thing.

The plot is that the Earth is running out of food and crops keep failing due to some kind of Nitrogen-loving blight. […]

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“The Interview” (2014)



So with all the hoopla around this movie and it being Christmas Eve I figured: “What the hell, lets do something for Freedom Of Expression” and I saw “The Interview.” It wasn’t as bad as I expected – the teasers they’d been showing are quite misleading. The ads make this look like a goofy slap-stick comedy – and it does have those elements – but there’s a lot more going on.

Lets get the serious question out of the way first. […]

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