“Battleship” (2012)


OK, first of all, yes, this movie has more holes than the surface of the moon. Some of the plot points, tactics, technical gaffes, etc. etc. etc. are so bad and stupid as to be insulting. Seriously, if you are up on your military technology at all it’s best to go to this movie seriously drunk so that you won’t care about the dumbness. For instance, and I’m not giving away anything vital here: taking out the bridge of an alien cruiser with 2 M82 sniper rifles and direct sunlight. No, I’m not kidding.

That said, it’s actually a pretty fun movie. And, yes, I think it’s better than “Battle Los Angeles” or even the latest “Transformers”. Why? Because this movie didn’t make the same critical mistakes of trying to have Acting in the damn film. Nothing slows down a good action flick like a damn love story in the background, or the hero dealing with his feelings or his…


The latest in the “Fear and Loathing” series over on deviantArt. This design is a twist on Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” The Wall Street bull is seated atop his throne, while his porcine enforcers keep things in order. Holding up the podium are the poor down-trodden sheeple. Then add a nice dash of Steadman styled lettering to make ut complete. (I actually mix as many as 4 distressed style typefaces to get the final result.)

“Party On”


The second in the series, this one depicts our illustrious elected officials making the “two party system” work. Except, what’s this? They’re really having a good ole time together – lighting cigars with $100 bills. With those big Cheshire-cat smiles, no less.

This started out as a simple deal with Donkey and Elephant on vacation with opposing “I’m With Stupid” t-shirts, but once we started digging into the idea it really came to life. The trick was getting the expressions right – the eyes and the faces. Donkey is a kind of “deranged Bill Gates” and Elephant is your standard brutish life-time politician.

“AmerikIn justince”


This is the first design in a new series we’re calling “Fear and Loathing in America”. It is a collaboration between myself and a really gifted cartoon artist I met on deviantArt who goes by the handle “sketchoo“. I saw his work and saw that awesome Steadman-esque quality. So I approached him about working together and the results will be cross-posted here. I come up with the concepts, titles, and typography – he does the actual cartooning and visualization – and then we composite it all together.

This design illustrates how “justice” in the U.S. is tilted towards those with money. And anyone and anything else is basically jettisoned off the scales from the magnitude of the imbalance. There’s also a bit of a play on words with the title if you look close.

It’s Time


I just saw this item come across the wires: Boehner’s office cuts off C-SPAN cameras as GOP takes verbal beating.

Basically what happened is this: The Democrats were trying to get a vote on an extension on the payroll tax cut extension, which would extend the lower rates for another two months. The Republicans wanted no part of it, and walked out. And, when the Dem’s started to call them on it, Boehner had the C-SPAN feed cut.

This is wrong at so many levels I don’t know where to start.

OK, how about starting here: does Boehner think the voters want higher taxes? Does he think at all? No. Of course not. He’s engaged in his own little dipshit battle for the Good of the Party. So, basically, he’s giving everyone who voted for him the finger. Because no one – rich or poor – wants higher taxes. And a lot of people can’t handle any…

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