“Dracula Untold” (2014)


This is a very different kind of vampire movie. It takes a more historical view of the legend of Vlad The Impaler. In this story, Vlad is a prince in Transylvania and the Turks have demanded more tribute – including giving up his son to become a Janissary in the Sultan’s Guard. Handing over his son is the last straw for Vlad, and he slices up the Turks sent to retrieve him – igniting a way.

Vlad’s only way to protect his people is to make a deal with the vampire up on the hill (OK … mountain). […]

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“Lucy” (2014)


I really don’t understand why there have been so many bad reviews for this film. Granted it’s a familiar theme, and there’s no new ground broken here, but it’s by Luc Besson … and that usually means a pretty good movie.

Scarlett Johansson plays “Lucy” – a girl who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is dragooned into being a drug mule by a vicious gang leader in Taipei. The drug they stuff inside of her is some weird synthetic compound which causes insane kinds of cell growth. […]

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“22 Jump Street” (2014)



Like Having Your Brain Sodomized …
According to Wikipedia, they spent $65 million making this atrocity. The end result is 112 minutes of mindless, puerile drivel which will leave any sentient being groggy from the barrage of idiocy. It’s a parade of stereotypes, rehashed shtick, and poorly written and executed jokes. Except in this parade they put the horses up front and everyone has to tromp through manure the whole way.

Yes. It really is that bad. I like good slap-stick humor. […]

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“Spacestation 76″ (2014)


Ever wonder what it would have been like if NASA’s space program hadn’t hit the skids in 1973? If we had space stations and all that by the 1980′s. “Spacestation 76″ answers that question.

This is a strange movie than people under forty won’t understand. The references to the culture of the 1970′s and 1980′s simply won’t be funny to anyone who didn’t live through it. The decor of the spacestation is perfect for the era. The color schemes, patterns, and fabrics are a perfect representation of 1970′s chic. […]

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“Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014)



Marvel comics-based movies can be hit or miss, and generally take themselves entirely too seriously. But “Guardians” is an exception to the rule.

It starts from the writing. The script is more like one for an action-comedy than a serious sci-fi action movie. But not just a typical dumb-jokes action-comedy, the dialog is snappy and edgy. Some of the jokes are very adult as well. In one scene Zoe Saldana’s character comments on how dirty Quill’s spaceship is. After she leaves, he jokes with the rest of the crew that “if you brought a black light in it would look like a Jackson Pollock painting in here.”

Saldana plays “Gamora” – an assassin with an axe to grind. […]

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